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Los Angeles Pop Art was founded in 2004 by Joseph Leibovic in Los Angeles, California. Since then, it has become the worldwide leader in text based artwork also known as Micrography, entirely hand drawn. Micrography is the process of using the words that tell the story of a specific image to create the image itself.

Joseph Leibovic stumbled upon the Micrography style of art in 1994, while living in Israel. Street artists, in the mystical town of Tzvat, captured his attention with the beauty of their work. For thousands of year Micrography artwork was mostly used to create Biblical themed art. Almost instantly the idea was born to Americanize this style of art, while at the same time using the same style to create poster of classic films out of its entire scripts and music icons out of their legendary lyrics. However, the idea for Los Angeles Pop Art sat idle for over 9 years while Joseph Leibovic moved to New York and pursued a successful career in Finance. It wasn’t until Joseph moved back to Los Angeles in 2004 that the idea for Los Angeles Pop Art was finally brought to life.

Los Angeles Pop Art has achieved several notable accomplishments that have resulted in public recognition of its work. Learn more about us by visiting Wikipedia.

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